The construction industry requires attorneys who not only understand the law, but also everything there is to know about the construction process. Choosing the right legal counsel can minimize the inherent risks of the construction process, as well as fortify the potential for ROI. GSRM offers such experience—our attorneys understand more than just construction law, but rather the business of construction itself.

Our lawyers represent owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, governmental agencies and institutional clients on the full spectrum of public and private construction law matters. Our team advises on everything from project inception, design and finance; to execution and project management; to the resolution of potentially costly disputes and litigation claims. It matters not whether a client’s role in the construction industry or a particular project is large or small, as GSRM places an emphasis on client satisfaction and personal attention.

Our Construction attorneys are dedicated to designing a solid foundation from the ground up. Many clients rely upon GSRM from the onset of a project. Our lawyers assist in negotiating, reviewing and drafting design, construction and other associated contracts aimed at minimizing threats and leveraging opportunity. The firm’s experience includes agreements pertaining to architectural, development and design services; licensing and construction management; engineering and procurement; contractor and subcontractor arrangements, and a host of other related agreements. In addition, GSRM lawyers assist clients in navigating beyond the inherent environmental and land use issues involved in construction related projects. The firm also advises both owners and contractors on the bidding and awarding of project contracts, as well as prosecutes and defends bid protest-related claims should litigation ensue.

Our team is well-versed in the inherent insurance-related issues that permeate construction projects of all kinds. Our objective is to make sure our client is properly insured and bonded. Our lawyers have experience in evaluating a myriad of insurance related agreements, including general liability, builder’s risk and professional liability policies—including when such policies or bonds should be obtained and leveraged—as well as in resolving all types of insurance disputes.

Our clients derive value from proactive legal support during active construction projects. GSRM supports clients in executing project-level decision-making in real time. There are a variety of obstacles and challenges that can and do arise during the course of a construction project. Our lawyers respond immediately to questions pertaining to the interpretation of the original agreement, amendments, work delays, change orders, scheduling and insurance coverage questions, as well as other quality, cost and time-related issues that can and do arise in the course of managing construction jobs. Our attorneys believe that outstanding project management and dispute avoidance is a necessity for managing construction projects. Our team stands ready to assist each client through and beyond day-to-day construction-related challenges.

In the event a dispute should arise, GSRM litigators take every action imaginable to help clients achieve early or immediate resolution whenever possible. Our team is involved in both mediated and informal negotiations, advocacy before administrative, regulatory and dispute review boards, and other dispute venues. In addition, our litigators advocate clients’ rights in all types of claims, ranging from breach of contract (including extra work, differing site conditions, change orders, delays and acceleration issues); to mechanics lien and stop notice actions; to delay, disruption and changed condition claims; to subcontractor and/or material supplier disputes, just to name a few. Our litigators also resolve disputes pertaining to bid protests, equipment and design flaws, green building issues and prevailing wage law, as well as professional liability, insurance and bond claims.

Our team also includes neutrals for those parties who are already represented by other counsel and looking not for advocacy, but an independent, experienced and knowledgeable professional with construction industry experience to assist with resolving ongoing disputes, claims or suits. Whether parties are in need of a mediator, arbitrator or simply an intermediary to assist in the resolution of a conflict, dispute or litigated matter, regardless of nature or size, GSRM’s experienced Construction attorneys and Rule 31 listed general civil mediators are available to assist parties efficiently and cost-effectively in resolving their disputes.