• May 9

    Ginna Winfree was interviewed for an article on about her role as an alcohol beverage attorney with GSRM and about her time as the former interim director of the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission.

  • Apr 13

    Josh Denton was interviewed for the March edition of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators newsletter. Josh currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center.

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  • Jun 20

    GSRM is pleased to exhibit at the 2017 Williamson, Inc. Business & Education Expo on June 20 from 4 to 7 PM at The Factory at Franklin – Liberty Hall. From hotels and colleges to wellness services and historic landmarks, there are more than 70 companies registered to make an appearance.

  • Jun 17

    GSRM is pleased to sponsor Cheekwood’s Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times™ June 17 through September 10. Set in the early twentieth century, Dressing Downton™ traces the events that uprooted British society on the eve of World War I and ushered in the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age and a new way of life.

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