Life Sciences

GSRM represents a number of life sciences companies, including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and independent distributors.  GSRM’s attorneys are experienced in all types of cases faced by life sciences companies, such as intellectual property, trade secret, employee non-competition, medical malpractice and product liability litigation.  GSRM also regularly represents its life sciences clients in traditional commercial and employment litigation, and provides creative investigation solutions and analysis to aid clients in difficult pre-litigation decisions.

In addition to litigation, GSRM represents various life sciences companies before the Tennessee General Assembly and other state departments.  GSRM’s attorneys have a lengthy background in health policy, and a proven track record of passing legislation for their clients and defeating legislation which is harmful to their interests.

GSRM’s attorneys also assist life science clients in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, as well as provide daily advice on corporate governance and other business matters.